Thursday, 21 February 2013

6 of my Favourite YouTube Sewing Channels

I get a lot of sewing inspiration and help re. on Youtube.  Here are just a few of my favourite channels.  They're all not only great sewists, but are great at teaching the rest of us:

1.  Tree

Tree is in England and I love her enthusiastic, no nonsense style.  Here is her apron video which I used to make a bunch of aprons for friends and also to sell on Etsy:

Here is my version of Tree's apron:

I omitted the pocket because I didn't want to block the recipes.

I put them on Etsy but, of course, not 1 has sold. Really difficult to get going on Etsy until you get a following.  My instinct was to say "unless" but thought "until" sounded more optimistic, LOL.

Here's my Etsy apron link:

2.  Jenny

Jenny is a quilter who owns her own quilting shop.  I'm not a quilter (started it years ago and didn't have time for the time I know it would take up as it's obsessive ... one day) but love her videos as you can always get inspiration and advice from enthusiastic, creative people.  

3.  BeCraftsy

Not a person specifically, but a company that hires people to sell tutorials you buy on-line.  I just watch their videos as lots of short little tutorials on there that are helpful.

This one's great about how to get the perfect corner:

4.  Brian

This video of all the drafts of shirts he bought was boggling to me.  I simply don't have that type of patience, but sure admire it.  

5.  Niler

Love her videos as she's a great seamstress but is great at teaching us simpletons the trick of the trade.

6.  Vanessa

She's one of the instructors hired by Craftsy I believe, or one of those companies who sell tutorials.  Anyway, she must be a popular on-line sewist as seems to be given a lot of stuff to give away, etc.  She's one of my favourites, does excellent videos.

That's it for now, I really have to get back to work.  Sewing is just my hobby and I tend to waste too much time on it.

I'd love to hear about your favourite sewing Youtubers, Etsy Sellers, Bloggers, etc.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fabric Hoarding ... Help!!!

Okay ... here's my dirty little secret.  I think I've become a fabric hoarder.  I live for the hunt of the next best fabric, button, etc.  Was excitedly telling a friend yesterday about how I'm finding all this great fabric and he said, "How about sewing something Lisa?"

Well ...

Um ...

He just doesn't get it does he?  It's not about sewing, it's about the "stash".

Okay, maybe I have a problem.  Can you relate to this?  I'll show you pictures of my fabric if you show me yours.

Not quite ready for that yet, want to organize it first, then will take pictures.  But this is how I suspect it looks now:

And this is my goal:

Happy Hoarding,